Why are the eyes abnormally red and swollen?

Many times the eyes become abnormally red. It’s pretty uncomfortable. However, our eyes look red for many reasons, such as red eyes when angry. – eyes abnormally red Even if he cries a lot, his eyes look red. With a gust of cold wind, the eyes also turn red for waking up at night. Also, the reasons and… Read More »

Itching from itching

Itching or scabies spreads from person to person. Any other animal cannot spread the disease. Those who live together in densely populated houses, such as school hostels, madrasas, orphanages, slum areas. Again, those who live an unclean life are more prone to this disease. The effect of cleanliness is more prevalent among wealthy people, and their disease is… Read More »

A great way to make hair long and thick quickly in a short time

Hair is not long! This is the complaint of many nowadays. Of course, this is normal amid so much pollution, stress, and lack of nutrition in modern life. hair long! We all need to sleep well, eat nutritious food, live a worry-free life, keep our hair clean, etc., to keep our hair beautiful. But what to do to… Read More »

Treat what Kind Of Pain is in any part of your head

Headaches mean eating a known pain killer – that’s what most people do. But the World Health Organization says it should never be done because there are six types of headaches. Knowing the cause of this pain should be the proper treatment. Kind Of Pain Migraine: Usually, the pain starts on one side of the head. Then it spread all… Read More »

Magical way to reduce toothache

Toothache does not come anywhere. If the toothache starts suddenly, we get lost and look for medicine. But if you know some ways, you can get rid of toothache in a few minutes. Let’s know those magical tricks- One. Crush two cloves and mix it with a few drops of olive oil and apply it to the teeth. Or chew… Read More »

The way creativity is being destroyed by smartphone addiction

Smartphone Addiction! As a result of technology development, our way of life is changing at a geometric rate. As a result of advances in technology, mobile phones have become a blessing, which has made our lives much easier and more comfortable. Has gained popularity among the people, has become readily available.  People who don’tdon’t have a mobile phone… Read More »

Here are 12 reasons why you can’t sleep at night

sleep at night! If you don’t sleep almost every night, you will feel tired after opening your eyes in the morning. The body relaxes all day. And it is a big reason for rapid weight gain. Many people call it insomnia. If we do not sleep properly, we call it insomnia. The Latin word ‘samnas’ means ‘sleep’ or… Read More »

There are four ways to brighten your face at home

Men and women always try to keep themselves beautiful and tidy. Everyone wants to present themselves attractively in front of everyone. Who does not wish to gorgeous, bright skin color? It is not possible to change the color, but it is possible to make the skin radiant. brighten your face Everyone wants the same beautiful, bright skin. For… Read More »

Harmful aspects of masturbation

It is necessary to know the harmful aspects of masturbation. Every man’s sexual arousal increases with age. And at this time, this terrible habit was formed due to various associations. As a result, it is a habit of masturbation that becomes very difficult to give up once found. Not only that, the pattern disrupts the sex life of… Read More »

Want to be fair in no time?

Get rid of the pain of skin color. Skinvita clinic chief, dermatologist, and cosmetologist said the way to be fair. Sachin Verma. Poushali De Kundu heard. Want to be fair Going to the office every day, the bright color of the sun has burned the mind grumpy? Don’t you want to get into the water because you don’t… Read More »