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Magical way to reduce toothache

Toothache does not come anywhere. If the toothache starts suddenly, we get lost and look for medicine. But if you know some ways, you can get rid of toothache in a few minutes. Let’s know those magical tricks- One. Crush two cloves and mix it with a few drops of olive oil and apply it to the teeth. Or chew… Read More »

Eat no vegetables in the heat!

As the heat intensifies, so makes the corona attack. Many are getting weak and sick in the scorching heat. Excessive heat causes sweating from the body. vegetables With this, sweat, salt, and water come out of the body. That is why the lack of salt and water sometimes causes unwanted fatigue in the body and weakness with dizziness.… Read More »

Natural painkillers

Natural painkillers! We are always suffering from pain due to our daily lifestyle and uncontrolled movement, and lack of various food elements. Pain is our constant companion, no matter what you call body pain or arthritis pain. Medication is an effective way to relieve this pain. We have developed a bad habit of taking painkillers whenever there is… Read More »