Why are the eyes abnormally red and swollen?

eyes abnormally red
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Many times the eyes become abnormally red. It’s pretty uncomfortable. However, our eyes look red for many reasons, such as red eyes when angry. – eyes abnormally red

Even if he cries a lot, his eyes look red. With a gust of cold wind, the eyes also turn red for waking up at night. Also, the reasons and suggestions that can cause red eyes are discussed-

Eye disease

eyes abnormally red

Redness of the eyes, feeling as if something has fallen in the eyes, swelling of the eyes, sticking of the eyes when you wake up in the morning, always the symptoms of this disease. A bacterial or viral attack usually causes the disease.

The disease affects both eyes before and after. It is possible to treat this disease by using eye drops on the advice of a doctor.

Eye allergies

eyes abnormally red

Itching of the eyes, watering of the eyes, redness of the eyes, swelling of the eyes, etc., are the symptoms of this disease. Although the disease is more common in children, it can also occur in adults. The disease is more common in the dry season. One can have eye allergies to one thing at a time. Dusty foods, chemicals, cosmetics, flower pollen, are more allergic to the eyes.

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Wounds in the eyes

eyes abnormally red

Symptoms include blackheads, redness of the eyes, pain, intolerance to light, and vision loss. This disease is usually due to injury. This disease is more prevalent in our country due to paddy leaves or paddy injury during the rice harvesting season. Lack of vitamin A can lead to this disease in children. If the disease is not treated in time with a doctor’s advice, permanent blindness can occur.

Inflammation of the eye or uveitis

eyes abnormally red

This disease’s symptoms are red eyes, intolerance to light, severe pain in the eyes, etc. If the disease is a little old, vision may also decrease. Eye injuries can cause this disease.

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eyes abnormally red

Allergies should be avoided in these objects or the environment. In case of allergies, the doctor should not use steroid drops for a long time, increasing the pressure in the eyes and cause blindness.

It is better not to go to public gatherings when the eyes are open. The use of steroids in corneal lesions is not recommended.

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