Itching from itching

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Itching or scabies spreads from person to person. Any other animal cannot spread the disease. Those who live together in densely populated houses, such as school hostels, madrasas, orphanages, slum areas.

Again, those who live an unclean life are more prone to this disease. The effect of cleanliness is more prevalent among wealthy people, and their disease is more minor. The disease can be easily spread by lying in the same bed or using used clothes by someone else.

Symptoms: The main symptoms are itching and more itching at night. A bacterium called cabin is excreted from the body. This is mainly responsible for itching.

If you look closely at the patient’s body, you can see the whole grain. It can be seen anywhere but in the folds of the fingers, elbows, lower abdomen, penis, and the palms of the hands and feet.

Excessive itching


In the case of children, long spots like a thread can be seen. Shortly after being infected, pores, especially in children, are infected by various pathogens, such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.

As a result, it looks like a boil and ripens. Also, such as impetigo infection occurs in the upper layer of skin. Ecthyma means deep sores on the skin, and even skin cellulitis can occur.

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If it is a bit chronic in children, it causes chronic eczema. To diagnose this disease, it is necessary to hear everything from the patient in detail and examine the limbs.

It is essential to look for tuberculosis, which usually starts two weeks after the germs enter the body and cause severe itching at night. The amount of itching may be less in a few weeks after the patient is infected or in case of a full attack.

Although many people know the disease’s name, it is not easy to diagnose the disease, especially if the disease is chronic.

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The disease can be treated in different ways through different drugs. For example, 5% permethrin, 1% gamma benzene, hexachloride, or 25% sulfur vasilic can be used in combination.

Before using the medicine, the patient should take a good bath with soap. Then the medicine should be applied all over the body, starting from the neck except the face, and should be applied to the body for a certain period.

All previously used fabrics should be boiled in hot water for 10 minutes or washed very well with soap, dried in the sun, and ironed so that there is no risk of re-attack.

Dr. Didarul Ahsan, Dermatologist.

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