Harmful aspects of masturbation

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It is necessary to know the harmful aspects of masturbation. Every man’s sexual arousal increases with age.

And at this time, this terrible habit was formed due to various associations. As a result, it is a habit of masturbation that becomes very difficult to give up once found. Not only that, the pattern disrupts the sex life of many. There are two types of problems due to masturbation – mental issues and physical issues. The harmful effects of masturbation affect our lives.

Harmful aspects of masturbation

The harmful effects of masturbation are reflected in our real life. Many people do it so much that their body gets worse in a few days. And you need to know the harmful aspects of masturbation. The problems that occur as a result of excessive masturbation.

A) Premature Ejaculation. That is, ejaculation occurs in a short time. As a result, the husband is not able to satisfy his wife. Melancholy about marital comes down.

B) Science says that if less than 200 million sperms come out of a man, then that man cannot give birth to any child. Excessive masturbation weakens the male genitalia.

C) Nervous system, heart, digestive system, urinary system, and many other systems are damaged. The whole body becomes weak, and the body becomes a museum of disease.

D) Semen becomes thin (Temporary Oligospermia) – Oligospermia reduces the number of sperm in the semen. Then the number of sperm in the semen is less than 20 million. It is resulting in male infertility. That is, failure to give birth to a child may occur. When a man has intercourse with his wife, the number of sperms in the semen that comes out of his penis is about 42 crores.

E) Eye damage occurs.

F) Decreased memory.

G) Headaches etc. There are many more problems due to masturbation.

H) Another problem is Leakage of semen. That is, fluid comes out of the genitals with a bit of excitement. Physical pain and dizziness.

I) Weakening of the nervous system or sexual dysfunction.

J) Problems with other organs of the body, such as digestion and urination. Excessive masturbation is the leading cause of rapid ejaculation.

K) Many people can hear more minor in the ears as a result of masturbation.

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Some practical ways to quit masturbation.

1) Keep yourself busy as much as possible.

2) If you are highly addicted to masturbation, never be alone, spend less time at home, spend more time outside.

You can jog, you can ride a bicycle. Students can study together with classmates. You can spend time in the library or coffee shop.

3) You can play video games. It will also make you forget about masturbation.

4) Do not fall asleep in the evening. If you have nothing to do, watch a movie or read a book.

5) Mark the times when you masturbate more. If you get excited before going to the bathroom or sleep, or if you suddenly feel like it at some point, go to work immediately.

Dawn can do such meetings or any other exercise. Do that work or training until the body is tired; that is, there is no more energy to masturbate.
If you feel like it while bathing, use cold water and get out of the bathroom quickly.

6) You have to be patient. You will get rid of intoxication in one day; it will not happen. If you have concentration, you can gradually get out of any addiction. Sometimes it will go wrong. Then do not give up all frustrated. Give it a try.

7) avoid sexual matters. Do not hear any such words or comments.

8) Set small targets. Suppose the first target is not to masturbate for two days. If you can’t do it in two days, gradually increase the time.

9) Do not go to bed when. If you sit somewhere, sit with others.

10) Spend more time with friends and family.

11) You can meditate. Can do yoga exercises.

12) Avoid phone sex.

12) Do not eat provocative and gurupak food in the afternoon.

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