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neck pain
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Do you often experience a strange pain across the neck and shoulder area? This is a common experience; many are familiar with it. This happens for several reasons. Although it is a widespread problem, sometimes it becomes a cause of significant discomfort. Disrupts our daily activities. If you know why this happens, you can avoid this neck pain by avoiding it.

Let’s find out what causes neck pain-

Additional smartphone usage:

Almost all of us have this bad habit. When we are immersed in the screen of the smartphone, our necks are bent. This neck curvature is commonly known as “text neck.” Currently, it is one of the leading causes of neck pain.

Experts believe that when we bend our necks for a long time, we push ourselves towards premature arthritis. This particular posture puts pressure on the muscles around the neck, causing a lot of pain.

Move your neck muscles from time to time. Take breaks from time to time without working continuously or without ringing the phone. Practice some neck movement exercises.

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If sleep patterns are not correct:

If the neck is not in the correct position while sleeping, it can cause pain in the neck and shoulders. According to Harvard Medical School, sleeping on your back can cause neck and shoulder pain. Since this will cause your neck to bend strangely, you may feel tension and discomfort.

So make it a habit to sleep on your back or sideways. Also, use the right pillow when sleeping so that the head is not too high or too low.

Carry a heavy shoulder bag:

Carrying a hefty bag on the shoulder can cause shoulder or neck pain. When you have a heavy load on one shoulder, there is a lot of pressure on the shoulder muscles.

It stretches the shoulder and neck muscles, which can cause severe pain. Change this habit. If possible, use a backpack and try to travel with a lightweight.


Are you looking for a reason to quit smoking? Then it can also be added to the list. The various chemicals present in cigarettes harden our arteries and reduce the blood supply to the bones and muscles. If you already have neck pain, smoking can make it worse.


Constant stress can have several adverse effects on your body. It can completely change the shape of your body. This can cause uncomfortable jolts or shoulder strain. 

Practice breathing exercises and avoid them if you are aware of the situation. Make it a habit to walk occasionally and drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

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