Eat no vegetables in the heat!

As the heat intensifies, so makes the corona attack. Many are getting weak and sick in the scorching heat. Excessive heat causes sweating from the body. vegetables With this, sweat, salt, and water come out of the body. That is why the lack of salt and water sometimes causes unwanted fatigue in the body and weakness with dizziness.… Read More »

High blood pressure is the cause of neck pain and what to do

High blood pressure or high blood pressure can bring extreme danger at the moment! High blood pressure can lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure. Why high blood pressure? What to do? Reported by Manoj Saha, Acupressure Specialist, Bangladesh Acupressure Society. When blood pressure is higher than usual, high blood pressure occurs. The cerebrospinal… Read More »

Find out the cause of neck pain

Do you often experience a strange pain across the neck and shoulder area? This is a common experience; many are familiar with it. This happens for several reasons. Although it is a widespread problem, sometimes it becomes a cause of significant discomfort. Disrupts our daily activities. If you know why this happens, you can avoid this neck pain… Read More »

Do you know six uses of tomato in beauty treatment?

This is a hugely popular vegetable in Bangladesh but not Bangladeshi at all. The origin of the alluring red tomato is in Mexico. Although it is a winter vegetable, it is now used in our kitchen fridge almost year-round. In addition to just eating, tomatoes have all the other beautiful qualities. It helps prevent colon cancer and breast… Read More »

Treatment and cure of ankle fracture

Once the ankle is broken, it needs to be treated regularly. The first step is to keep the feet clean. Otherwise, there will be a bacterial infection. If the foot is broken, it cannot be rubbed too much; it may cause bleeding. Dip feet in warm water with lemon and shampoo for 20 minutes, then gently clean with… Read More »

One of the best ways to avoid headaches

Learn about one of the ways to avoid headaches that you need to follow to stay healthy. Sleep: You need to sleep well for eight hours daily. Because if the body does not get proper sleep, the body will not reach its necessary rest. Which will cause diseases like headaches. Only headaches, if the body does not sleep properly,… Read More »

Home Remedies for Headaches

Remedies for Headaches! Daily running, work stress, headaches in a busy life can be said to have become a part of our life. Everyone from eight to eighty is suffering from headaches. Headaches are mainly caused by climate change, environmental pollution, excessive stress, eating disorders, physical ailments. Working in front of a computer for a long time or… Read More »

Home Remedies for Allergies

Allergies are a prevalent skin disease. Allergies can come from various sources – some from dust, some from food, some from drugs, some from congenital causes, some from sensitive skin, and some from cold allergies. Whatever the reason for allergies, it is essential to prevent allergies. However, if you have allergies, there is nothing to worry about; if… Read More »

Nail care | Ways to whiten nails | Easy way to lengthen nails

Nail care! The Beauty of a woman but in all her limbs. And Beauty never comes to see color. She is beautiful no matter what she looks like. The girls are Patiyasi in all work. Most of the girls practice Beauty and body to maintain their Beauty or to take care of themselves. You may never look at… Read More »

Natural painkillers

Natural painkillers! We are always suffering from pain due to our daily lifestyle and uncontrolled movement, and lack of various food elements. Pain is our constant companion, no matter what you call body pain or arthritis pain. Medication is an effective way to relieve this pain. We have developed a bad habit of taking painkillers whenever there is… Read More »