Unbearable headache? Migraine? The best medicine to relieve pain is sexual intercourse, researchers claim

researchers claim
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Headache? Migraine problems? You know, the best medicine to relieve headaches is sexual intercourse! Researchers publish such sensational information! Only those who have migraines know how terrible migraines are! There is no such treatment to get rid of unbearable pain! Pile of painkillers to get rid of the pain rely on!

But this time the researchers discovered a new way to relieve headaches. Researchers from the Department of Neurology at the University of entering Germany said there was no need for medication! Sex cures headaches and even migraines.

The report, published in Cephalalgia, The Journal of the International Headache Society, claims that sexual intercourse has a direct effect on the brain. Illness like a migraine is cured by the hand!

The researchers performed the test on about 350 migraine sufferers. About 60 percent of them have had a lot of pain after having sex. One out of every five people who have regular sexual intercourse during the days of pain is relieved of the pain of migraine.

According to researchers, endorphin hormones are secreted by the body’s central nervous system during healthy and normal sexual intercourse. This hormone basically stabilizes the ‘feel good’ factor and it is more potent than any harsh painkiller. The effect of this is that the unbearable pain of the head is also cured.

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