Here are 12 reasons why you can’t sleep at night

sleep at night
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sleep at night! If you don’t sleep almost every night, you will feel tired after opening your eyes in the morning. The body relaxes all day. And it is a big reason for rapid weight gain.

Many people call it insomnia. If we do not sleep properly, we call it insomnia. The Latin word ‘samnas’ means ‘sleep’ or sleep. And ‘in’ means ‘not’ or not. The term ‘insomnia’ comes from these two.

Let's not know the reason that is taking away your sleep every day as a fairy tale.

12. Room temperature is not correct

room temperature is not correct

Make sure that air can circulate in the room. Please do not keep it stuffy. Keep the temperature tolerable.

11. Physical work out

Physical work out

Workouts stimulate our nervous system. So it isn’t easy to sleep after exercising. Exercise at least two hours before bedtime.

10. Not following the schedule

Not following the schedule

It would help if you practiced sleeping at the same time every day between 10 pm and 1 am. If you get extra sleep in the afternoon or afternoon, it will not be easy to fall a’sleep at night.

9. Turn on the light

Turn on the light

Any light source that is too small is enough to ruin your desired sleep. Maybe it’s a light from a switchboard or an electric device. Turn off all light sources while sleeping or sleep after sleeping mask.

7. To sound

To sound

No matter what kind of noise it may be, the horn of a car on the road or the screaming, shouting at a neighbor’s house prevents your body from relaxing. You can sleep with earplugs in your ears if there is a chance of this happening.

Or you can play light music called “White Noise”. It will free you from the annoying noise outside, and you will be lost in the abyss of the melody.

6. Working in bed

Working in bed

Many of us turn our beds into workplaces, which lowers our sleep quality. The mattress should be reserved for sleeping only. Exhausted, you can lie down in bed and go to sleep. Leave your work outside the bedroom.

4. Caffeine


It’s no secret that caffeine prevents you from falling asleep quickly. Don’t forget that caffeine is not only found in coffee. It can also be found in tea, chocolate, or other foods. To reduce these meals from noon onwards.

5. Expecting sleep to come on its own

Expecting sleep to come on its own

Go to sleep Many people do not want to sleep completely. People will fall asleep on their own. But in most cases, it does not come. The solution is to get up and read within 20 minutes of going to bed.

Do not twist from side to side. Get up and read a book; of course, don’t read e-books. Because it will make the situation worse, or do something relaxing that will bring you peace of mind. You can wear prayers.

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4. Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol

Do not drink alcohol. Although alcohol makes you fall asleep faster, it causes rapid eye movement during sleep. So when you wake up, you are tired instead of feeling fresh.

3. Too much thinking

Too much thinking

We don’t let our brains eliminate thousands of problems every day before we go to sleep. Even while lying in bed, the brain continues to work with various complications, which destroys the possibility of good sleep.

To remove yourself from these daily thoughts before going to sleep. Do something else that takes your full attention. For example, remember the country’s name that starts with the same word or multiply the sheep in your mind.

2. Not to practice

Not to practice

Bring your body clock to a rhythm. You may be deprived of a good night’s sleep just because of habits. As a result, you will feel sleepy the following day. Train your body to respond to specific issues at specific times. Take a warm bath before going to bed. Certainly not in hot water. Hit can be the opposite.

1. Sleeping position is not right

Sleeping position is not right

The position you sleep in determines the amount of sleep you get. If you sleep alone or with your partner, you will not sleep well if your body is stressed. You are most comfortable sleeping in such a position. And try not to change it until you fall asleep.

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