The way creativity is being destroyed by smartphone addiction

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Smartphone Addiction! As a result of technology development, our way of life is changing at a geometric rate. As a result of advances in technology, mobile phones have become a blessing, which has made our lives much easier and more comfortable. Has gained popularity among the people, has become readily available. 

People who don’tdon’t have a mobile phone or don’tdon’t know about phones can’tcan’t be found today. Mobile or smartphone is being used in every necessary-unnecessary case. As a result of this excessive use, we are slowly leaning towards smartphones. We are creating our own world inside the smartphone, and smartphone addiction is being born among us.

What is smartphone addiction? 

smartphone addiction

Forgetting our external life, immersing ourselves in the world of smartphones, occupying our life with various desired moments by smartphones, excessive use of smartphones is smartphone addiction. 

We are losing many moments of our lives as a result of smartphone addiction. Not only that, smartphone addiction is the cause of various physical and mental obstacles. One study found that a smartphone user unlocks their phone an average of 150 times a day. Which is much, much more than necessary. We have created different worlds through various social media of smartphones. 

In that world, we are drifting away from our worldly life. Going to check the notifications a little bit; I have been scrolling for a few hours. It is destroying the time we have to think. Our thinking is narrowing the breadth of thought. Our world of view is being replaced today by the world of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. In this way, the development of our creativity is not only hindered. It is becoming narrow.

Researchers have dubbed smartphone addiction digital cocaine. And the most prominent victim is the child. Smartphone addiction is most common among children. This addiction is due to the negligence and indulgence of the parents. 

Parents are handing out smartphones to their children as a strategy to feed them or keep them calm. As a result, the child’s creative development is being severely hampered. Studies have shown that 90% of children aged 1-5 years are addicted to mobile phones. Not only is their creativity being hampered by this, but physically they are suffering from various complications, including myopia, headaches, eye pain, dry eye. 

They are learning to speak late, the development of intelligence is being hindered. Losing the desire to do creative work. High school or college students are not behind in this case. 30% of students use Facebook in school. A person smiles an average of 15 times a day, where he unlocks his mobile phone an average of 150 times. Which is about 10 times more. In this way, they are hindering their normal development and thinking.

smartphone addiction

It’sIt’s not just smartphones that are mentally hampering creativity. Smartphones have brought both positive and negative effects to our creative publishing platform. Today, anyone can publish their writing or creative work through social media and various blogging websites. 

In many cases, these are being issued without any verification or selection. As a result, the reader society faces many ugly and unworthy activities, which is hurting their creative thinking. They are losing interest in creative work and writing. Narrow-mindedness is the manifestation of narrow-mindedness.

Creativity has to be given time. It is not possible to do anything in a hurry. You have to think behind it; you have to provide labor. You have to know yourself first to be perfect. And you need your own time to know yourself. We spend all the time we have left amid so much busyness behind this mobile.

For so long, I have been talking about the disruption of creativity due to smartphone addiction. However, if you can use this smartphone properly, it will help you develop your creativity. I have already mentioned the negative side of creating numerous platforms as a result of social media. Let me tell you the positive side of it. 

Multiple outlets are indeed spreading incompetent, ugly writing or work, but this platform is the means of expressing many’s creativity. Earlier, due to a lack of venue, many latent talents could not be revealed. But now we have passed that time thanks to mobile phones.

I think it is possible to develop our creative mindset by using it properly without being addicted to smartphones. But what will those of us who are already addicted do? You can take some steps to survive smartphone addiction. Although it is impossible to survive today without a smartphone, it is possible to reduce its use.

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smartphone addiction

All we can do for this is-

1. Smartphones cannot be handed over to a 1-5-year-old child in any way. Parents need to be careful about this. This is the most critical time of the child’s development.

2. We, as teenagers and adults, need to keep ourselves away from smartphones while studying or working. It will be easier for us to disconnect the smartphone’s internet connection and keep the phone away.

3. We have to remove ourselves from the world we have created through social media. For which we need to be more attentive about real life. We can do this by spending time with family and interacting with different people.

4. We will devote ourselves to various creative activities without spending our free time on smartphones. I will walk outside, get to know different people, play sports with friends, write, paint and keep myself busy in various ways.

5. You need to give yourself time to develop creativity. We give ourselves 1 hour every day. At this time, you can not go to the smartphone or television in any way. If the internet connection of the mobile phone is turned off, it will be to our advantage.

6. I will bring myself into a routine, and if I can complete that routine, I will reward myself in many ways. So that we are interested in following the pattern correctly.

None of us can give up mobile. I’m not even saying omit. I am not asking you to keep your mobile off to avoid addiction. Kenana Mobile is now our only means of communication. If we keep the mobile off, many essential things, news, predictions of danger will not reach us properly. However, we can reduce the addiction by bringing ourselves into a routine.

Let’sLet’s all get out of the addiction of smartphones and lift ourselves in the open air, find out our latent talents. I became a novice to enlighten this world. Learn to live in a new way.

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